Intellectual Property

N-Gene owns several patent rights regarding BGP-15. Further, BGP-15 is eligible for Data Exclusivity protection for 5 years in the US and up to 10 years in the EU, in the diabetes indication. In addition to that, patents for combination of BGP-15 with known antidiabetics and antipsychotics provide picket fence protection against unwanted competition in the field.

N-Gene is well protected against competitors in the diabetes indication. Beside that, N-Gene got awarded orphan designation for BGP-15 in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which provides 7 years of full marketing exclusivity in the US and up to 10 years of the same in the EU.

The Company has also been developing follow-up compounds to enhance the IP portfolio, based on the expertise of its own research team in hydroxylamine derivatives and screening methodology related thereto.